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Garment Rack SF-GR003-G

Product Name: Gridwall Fixture

Model: SF-GR003-G


    1. Clothes fixture is an ideal garment rack for stores with ample floor space, without any accessories for you to create a retail display that best suite the needs of your business.
    2. Material: Metal, MDF.
    3. Structure: KD easy assembly.
    4. Color: Chrome, Brushed Nickel.
    1. Including the metal unit and grid wall unit. It is a simple grid wall configuration allowing you to add or subtract accessories as you would like.
    2. Accessories optional:
    (1) U shaped hanger.
    (2) Slatewall hook
    (3) 14" x 36" shelf, 14" x 28" shelf.
    3. Size: 48" x 28" x 53".