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The FG is strong capability wholesale of garment rack in china. We offers variety of garment racks equipment, include slim roundish rack, elegant garment racks, rolling garment rack, multi-layer clothes racks and ornate clothing racks. Our clothes rack multi-purpose, heavy-duty clothing racks are available for use in department stores, commercial laundries and swimming pool. Our garment storage rack is best uesd for hanging and protecting your clothing. More information click the itme below.

FG have 16 years based on garment storage racks manufacture experience. Our products are not only through strict quality control, but also continuously researched & developed with new idea. Our garment rack quality control, using MIL-SID-105E sampling standard, combined with our equipment features, controls the quality of each important part and assures zero functional defect of clothing rack product.

All Metal Garment Rack Series: