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We are specialized in combining and assembling different materials such as steel, wire, tubing, and aluminum, which are made by our own materials factory together with all kinds of plastic materials.

We have developed and produced injection molded plastic parts for electrical equipment and industrial vacuum systems for many years. Other products include panel boards, electric boxes, inlets, vent caps, valves with or without stamping hardware and small size wheels.

Our 40 injection machines from 100 Ton to 650 Ton handle a wide range of production needs. We have a full set of molding machines, such as CNC machine center, precision grinder, EMD spark discharging machine, precision injection molding machine, and optical image measuring apparatus. All the designers and manufacturers are experts in this field.

Our development staff members are well experienced with 2D, 3D and solid modeling technology to facilitate communication and reduce overall development time.

We can quickly make model samples for your approval before opening the molds thus reducing time to market. All mold work is done at our in-house workshop, where we have CNC processing centers and follow ISO9001 standard and QC guidelines. We design and produce OEM and Customized plastic products that will satisfy your special requirement.

Simply send us a drawing or a sample, so we can quote it immediately. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more information.